The Beginning
Based on more than seventy years of expertise in hosiery manufacturing and trading, the year 1971 was the breakthrough of Alsamah Hosiery Company. The company has set ethical scientific and practical limits from which to go to the unlimitedness.
Since its foundation,  Alsamah Hosiery Company has been following a path of rapid and well-thought development to become one of the leading hosiery production companies in the Middle East, helped by God.
Despite the humble start with limited financial and technical resources, we earned a valuable reputation in the field of hosiery and underwear industry by committing to produce only cutting-edge merchandise. This perseverance helped us increase our production quantities and become in line with economic development and international standards. Throughout the years, our insistence on quality rather than revenues has boosted our progress and growth. Even with the economic pressure and price competition,  Alsamah has refused to give up and preserved the high specifications of its products in all circumstances, competing with quality, not with revenues.

Our Vision
Alsamah is a family business specialized in manufacturing and trading different kinds of hosiery and underwear. our company seeks to expand in all arabs and European countries through having an exclusive agent in every country.

Word Of The Company
Integrity, positivity, and love of the country, the society as well as the others are the moral principles that our company adopts. these cornerstones reflect a real commitment to present what is useful and efficient to our community. Thus, our objective is to uphold our work with expertise, consultation, and openness, seeking to compete with european products, while exerting the utmost efforts. we believe that our major duty is to present to clients a wide range of high–end products that meet the different needs of various classes and tastes. We believe that every employee contributing in our success by his/her efforts, work and loyalty is a major partner. In return, our company strives to provide them with the best benefits, while treating them with the greatest appreciation.

Our Mission
At Alsamah, our mission is the full commitment to quality, providing the market with the best products that meet all needs. this strategy is executed through the following:
• Earning the clients’ trust and satisfaction through prompt supply of market and constant evolution of products according to clients’ requirements.
• Taking the clients’ remarks into consideration.
• Training the staff constantly.
• Motivating and preserving the employees’ loyalty.
• Developing a high-quality system.

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